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Hasita K.
Choosing this tour was our friends’ advice and we are happy that we followed it. Hiking and watching Australian wildlife at its best made my day! My husband and I love nature and the visit to the Botanical Gardens was something we could only dream of! So much pleasure to look at these wonderful flowers that you cannot find anywhere else! And little koalas captured my heart. :) Australia is an amazing place and must be seen without any doubts. This tour is a great way to see a part of this wonderful country! Worth doing!
Kaito J.
Absolute euphoria! The trip was unbelievable amazing – the best night in my life! So much fun already on my first day in Australia! Local people are so friendly and nice, they’re ready to communicate with you – that’s great! The bar we visited was a good place and people there were a big merry company. A good start of Australian experience for me :) It was cool!
Matt J.
I absolutely pleased with that trip. Cool day was it. We loved Cairns and the highlights we seen. Definitely will do it again because of fish & chips lol :)
Frederick T.
The tour was the best thing I ever experienced! Cairns is an amazing place and I was thrilled by its views!!!!!! The trip was so eventful and fascinating!!!!!! We saw unique Australian nature, its animals and gardens and it was breathtaking!!!!!! I will never forget the hike to the top of Mount Whitfield: it was hard but worth doing as the sceneries I’ve seen from there cannot be compared with anything else!!!!! In the Botanical Gardens we were shown so many unusual plants and flowers – there are no species like those in my country and they looked like plants from a mysterious land :):). In the whole, Australia seems to be a different planet – so much unusual and unique features!!!!! I loved the dinner after hiking; local fish tastes great. I must say, it was a wonderful day; I’ll never regret that I’ve taken part in it and highly recommend it. 5 stars!
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