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stranger 4.
MUST-DO! Moving villages so thrilling!!!!!!! So much water here and climate absolutely different!!!! Well worth doing!!!!! You won’t regret.
Jazmin T.
Some more recipes for my collection! Cambodian food is excellent! Was interesting to see the life of locals, how they are preparing food and keep houses. I wish I could stay here for some days and try to live their simple and healthy life to have a rest of my stressing work and dirty city. People here are calm and friendly, they do everyday work and don’t have such problems as city dwellers. I adored this place.
Esmee L.
The tour left a deep impression in me. I felt really sorry about all the killed people, nobody deserves to die like they :( This was not an amusement for tourist; this was a good insight of true history of Cambodia and its tragic heritage. Really worth doing and I strongly recommend for everyone.
Monica T.
Being there I felt like I found myself in another world, absolutely different and extremely interesting. Everything in this area catches attention and thanks to our tour guide I got a good insight of local lifestyle. I was delighted by local people and their children; they seem to be quite happy without iPhones or cars or other things like that. They love their houses and don’t care that they don’t have modern conveniences. I was a little bit jealous of them :) I was lucky that I had this wonderful experience and recommend taking this tour to see it all.
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