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Alice R.
Marvelous tour and perfect service! Enjoyed both whale watching and observing of Victoria. Convenient transportation, friendly team and spectacular places. Would recommend it.
Fiona P.
Kayaking wasn’t my goal in Vancouver but I accepted the offer of my friend that is fond of it. First, I was afraid a little as I’ve never done it before and water scares me always. But our attentive instructor always encouraged me and gradually I felt more and more confident. I want to express my thank to him and all the staff. I loved this trip and would like to do it again.
Chris T.
A good combo – you both watch whales and visit another Canadian city. We had luck with the weather and saw not only whales as we expected but also seals and sea lions! Animals already got accustomed to tourists and almost don’t care that they are being watched :) The city of Victoria is quite beautiful and I wish we could spend some more time there. I liked this trip a lot! Well worth doing!!!
Veronica O.
I was interested in whale watching but I didn’t know that it will take so much time to find them. Thanks God, we finally met the colony and made photos of the animals. They are really beautiful and giant creatures. This was a good experience despite I felt cold and first was bored until we found the whales. But it depended not on the staff, of course, but of luck. Recommend this tour, if you are an animal lover and are longing for watching these wonderful creatures.
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