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Stella B.
Great trip, the guide was nice and helpful, we got important instructions how to behave in China and how to get off the boat without hurting yourself :) During the cruise I completely relaxed and forgot all my troubles. Quiet atmosphere and clean water awake positive emotion and desire to live. This was the rest for my body and soul. Everyone should book this tour, you won’t be sorry ;)
Alicia K.
We wanted to see as many parts of the Great Wall and with this tour we manage to see the Mutianyu section. It is spectacular and not so busy as many other sections. Here you can see an unrestored part of the wall and feel the spirit of centuries-old history. Fascinating place. You will not regret if you come here.
Katharina D.
Czech Republic
During the trip we observed Great Wall, Imperial Palace Museum and a lot of other highlights that I always wanted to see. The guide enthralled me with her rich knowledge and nice attitude to our group. Besides, he spoke perfect English without any accent, so everything was clear. I loved that.As for the service itself, I must admit that everything was spotless, from the transportation up to lunch. The time was calculated right and we did everything in time. Of course, in Beijing are crowds of people, both locals and tourists, but our guide did his work perfectly and led us past all clots. Give the best mark for him and the tour in the whole.
Bill K.
A very good planned trip, everything according to schedule, polite and narrative guide with excellent English, everything included – you have nothing to worry about! I like the tour itself and the service very much. Give my best mark and recommend definitely.
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