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What our clients say
Kirill K.
We're not first in Rome, but we've enjoyed the tour!
Nickolas W.
We went there last December. Of course, the central focus in this dream world is Formula Rossa. Everyone wants to try the fastest roller coaster on the planet. There are also some very challenging race stimulators and quite a few car-themed attractions suitable for families with kids. The territory is conveniently laid-out, there are almost no queues. All the attractions are super modern and everyone can find something for his\her own taste. As we were not limited in time, we did not hurry, had a nice lunch and a relaxing walk making good pictures of attractions. All in all, the experience was totally worth time, effort and money.
Maputo F.
Ferrari World tour from Dubai is a great way to spend a day. I was very impressed with the level of service and variety of attractions. In many ways it was family-friendly. Once you are there with kids, check junior race school. For me, biggest fun was Scuderia Challenge race simulator. I tried it two times - so cool!
Jessica H.
Paradise for every boy in the world :) Loved it, and so did my husband! Great place!
Monica V.
The park is wonderfully equipped and very family-friendly. We were there with our son (11 y.o.) and there was a full range of activities for teenagers. Dave especially liked go-karting track. Honestly, I liked it too. What a pleasant surprise! We are absolutely happy with our day. Thank you.
Liliana H.
Greek know how to melt a critic's heart! In a couple of hours a group of serious experts turned into a flock of endlessly giggling and smiling men and women! Evan, our guide, deserves a special praise. Well done!
Ema P.
Great value for money! We enjoyed funny, relaxing and hedonistic day with a hospitable and positive guide. The wines were amazing and the tapas were more than we required. HUGE thank you for this experience.
Fatima T.
Zaanse Schans tour was a success for us. We traveled in Late Spring, with the flowers all around. Our guide Susanne was a charming person who is sincerely in love with traditional Dutch culture. We learned a lot of interesting historic details from her. The group was also very nice, there were about 12 people and we felt very comfortable. We came back as friends!
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