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Anand A.
Excellent guide and program, the only disappointment was the road itself - the bus was shaking and jumping most of the way(( Definitely not for little kids.
Riikka J.
One of the greatest guides I've ever seen, everything was organized very professionally, and lunch was just on time - we were with kids and I was worried they will get hungry in the middle of this long tour, but fortunately it didn't happen, in fact no need to take food with you. Enjoyed Lahemaa a lot, beautiful place!!
Kir P.
That was a memorable time! Me and my friend got totally carried away by the scene and our guide's stories. We even managed to get into museum on the territory of Captain's village - very interesting indeed, didn't feel bored for a minute. Lahemaa was a real relief after dull grey buildings of former Soviet Union era we've seen in Tallinn during our stay, so it was a perfect getaway to some nature's treasures. As for organization - we got a very professional guide, he moved the things with no fuss, so we managed to fit into 9 hours perfectly and there were no delays.. Lunch was okay, just a bit short (half an hour only), but that's not a big deal, although for people with kids might be a bit discomforting.
Vugami D.
The trip turned out to be quite an experience - those cliffs and surrounding landscapes were simply extraterrestrial, had no idea Estonia has such marvels around:) I travelled solo but didn't get bored in a group - our guide kept us engaged all the time, his English was good so there were no issues in communication. Must say that was one of the most intelligent trips I've had, lots of new information presented in a very understandable way, no boring blah-blah:) Murru prison quarry was quite dull and gloomy, definitely not a place to be visited with small kids, but lake area was truly beautiful, managed to get some awesome shots of nature. Minivan we travelled in was comfy, but roads are terrible (especially near cliffs area), so for those with car sickness better to skip this tour.
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