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Charlotte O.
We got the tour as a present from friends for our wedding, and did it on our honeymoon. Gourmet bus driving in the city of gastronomy and love! First seemed unusual, but very enjoyable experience. Lovely memories for long, long time!
Wang L.
República Popular China
Very unusual way to discover the city. I thought that it might be not very comfortable to eat while driving thorough the city. But absolutely not. We liked it a lot! Food was delicious, everything was on the highest level possible.
Magda A.
It was a big luck to find the link to this tour! It was free, no any cheats. We had walked through the most popural amusements, parks, monuments and museums. The guide was very nice and polite. We had spent very good time that day! Wish him good luck in all his plans! Thank you
Emil O.
Países Bajos
The idea to have dinner and tour around Paris in the same time is genius. I had bought this tour for celebrating our university with ma wife. First I thought that it would be difficult to eat during the bus ride, but I didn’t feel any discomfort. It was very romantic time for us.
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