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Eline G.
One thing which I specially liked about this tour was a small-sized group. Usually you would flock after the guide with other 30 guys. That may be really boring. There were nine or ten of us and we moved as a team. The tour let us see more places and get a better look at all these amazing places. I highly recommend everyone to consider bike tours for warm weather.
Enrique G.
Easy, informative, and interesting round-the-city version for Berlin visitors. It was my first bike tour and I stressed a bit. I did not know how everything would look like, how to combine driving and seeing. While on tour I relaxed. It appeared to be much simpler. We made quite a few stops, there were no problems with moving through traffic as we used special tracks and we drove with consideration. Bikes are very convenient if you want to cover a bigger distance in a smaller amount of time. I loved it!
Patrycjia K.
It was awesome! We spent lovely day in a lovely company, passing crowds of people and see the best of Berlin. I would say it is one of the most convenient ways to explore the sights (if the weather is good, of course). Will I recommend it to others? - Absolutely, yes!
Antero W.
Cycling was flat and easy. A fabulous way to navigate through the city! Especially when there are crowds of "normal' tourists in the streets. You feel kind of privileged!
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