Экскурсии, туры и события в Будапеште: ваш шанс исследовать место

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bla b.
We went on a 3-day Kruger Safari Package and it turned into our best family adventure in South Africa. We saw exceptional natural landscapes and all the animals as if you are in a “Jungle Book”. Only this book is real. Absolutely thrilling experience!!! We did not catch the big five, as the cats were out of a regular view, but rhinos, buffalo, elephants, giraffes made us so excited that we already plan to come back one day. Also the organizers did a good job and considered all the details. All together it made our trip more comfortable. We had a nice A/C suit with river view and beautiful dinners. I honestly believe this helped us to take the most out of this extraordinary safari.
Marie T.
We went to the village in winter but it was still nice. There are not so many sights, but the place itself is like a museum. We visited the Marzipan museum, which is quite small. I don't really like sweets, but it is impressive to see how they make it. There is a shop but the choice could be better. Ceramics of Margit Kovacs are different from what we used to see, very original.
Alexandra U.
Budapest is such a great city and taking this boat trip gives you the chance to see all the beautiful ancient buildings, including the Parliament, and all the bridges. Breathtaking during the night because of the lights!
Yana G.
Village is very impressive, take a walk on it is a great fun! There are a lot of souvenirs and they are much cheeper than in Budapest. Nice destination for one day trip. The way by boat on the Danube is fantastic!
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