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Hoong X.
Taj tour was on top of my list when I was planning my big India Travel. I always knew it is gonna to be something outstanding. The only problem which I always came across in India is transport. When you are on your own it is real pain in the neck to get the right tickets for the right dates and basically sit on the right place. When they recommended me this Taj Day Tour I never doubted and took it straight away. It solved all the issues because I was picked up from the hotel, my seat on the express train to Agra was reserved, the food along the way was great and the guide was speaking good English. I really enjoyed my day and thanks to the organizers our group was small so we did not wait in long queues and moved along more easily. Agra and Fatehpur...Ohh! I loved both and probably will return there once again.
Shanti M.
Taj day-tour by train is the best idea. India is not as easy for good self-touring as say Thailand that is why you are more likely to get a headache with shared taxes or public transport. My husband booked this tour from home and we knew all the details in advance. We slept a bit longer the day before and took some snacks with us. You should also be aware of monkeys and take only the money and stuff you need. Women should cover their elbows,shoulders and wear long skirts or trousers. Do not pose much with the locals as they sometimes know no limits and all the rest should be fine. We did not have a single trouble with the tour. Everything was smooth and we enjoyed the day to the fullest. Good luck in India, guys!
Ugne R.
India is so hectic at times. We wanted to go to Agra on our own, but the locals asked for taxi more than the cost of a full-day excursion. We reserved just a day trip to Taj, Agra and Fatehpur. And we were supposed to go on a train. I was freaking out a bit, as I saw India railway and did not know what to expect. Along with us there were two more couples. All together we were six people. And we kind of ...well..'plunged' into this adventure. The day was quite packed and dynamic. We came home late. I think something around 11 pm. But it was very memorable and nice. In fact, it was much easier and faster to take the train. They give you food there, you are not shaking as much as in a car, you DO NOT wait in the traffic. As for Taj ...well..you know...you see its pictures since childhood in every book about India. But in real life it has more power and magnificence. May be due to the contrasts to neighboring slums. Apparently we chose the right way to see it.
Emiliano P.
Splendid! Taj Mahal in Agra is a history of eternal love and the symbol of India you can't miss. I booked the tour from Delhi and went there just for a day. I think it was even better because we did not hang around much! Beautiful!!! Thanks for an informative, well-scheduled and a comfy day!
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