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Max P.
Feels like all temples on Bali look identically. I wasn’t impressed as much as my girlfriend who is a big fan of this island. But it will be interesting for the devotees of local culture. The guide has a lot of curious things to tell you :)
Helen T.
The Bird Park must be surely seen when being on Bali. The park is beautiful and full of birds not only from Indonesia, but also Africa and South America. At the entrance we were given a map that showed the living places of every kind of birds. This is a wonderful place, a kingdom of flying creatures of all colors and sizes. I couldn’t stop making photos of them! The birds behaved friendly, probably they already got used to people and posed for us :) So funny and nice! I liked them very much! After it we went to the Ubud Palace. It looks very rich and has plenty of decorations outside. In the evening it was illuminated with many lights and they gave a mysterious charm to it. A spectacular building, a real masterpiece of the local architecture! The trip left only positive emotions. No doubt, it is a good way to spend a day on Bali. Advice to use this chance.
foreigner 4.
It was an adventure:) A beautiful place and worth seeing. Enjoyed it very much! Highly recommend!
Pauline U.
The trip provided a good insight into Bali’s culture and ceremonies. The temples we visited charmed me with their beauty. Everything here is full of positive energy and not only I could feel it. And it was great to participate in a traditional ceremony and even bathe in the local pool with purest water from a natural spring. I went back to the hotel with a feeling of peace and joy. Excellent guidance and comfortable transportation. Many thanks!
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