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Heinz H.
Good excursion! Informative, interesting and helpful insight into Norwegian culture. Appreciate! Thank you!
Lily S.
I try to book only short tours now because when you hike for say 11 hours, you will surely miss out the next day. I also think this walking tour round Bergen is the best you can choose, because you have a guide and you visit all must-sees and you are not tired. Many travelers do the same route on their own, but they lose much more time queuing for the tickets for funicular which here is included . One more thing which is important for me – as I do not know the place I will eat and go where all the travelers will go. I doubt you can enjoy this charming harbour and find all these beautiful spots which the guide showed us. I also like we our visit to the Church. If I traveled on my own I knew I would skip this. Overall, the idea to explore Bergen with the tour was really helpful. Many benefits in any case.
Lana R.
Bergen is a cosy place to stay when visiting the fjords, and it was a nice idea to walk along the streets and the wharf with the guide when we just arrived. Apart from the sights, she recommended some a nice local family restaurant, where we had very nice dinners later. I think bergen still keeps the spirit of Norway we all want to see. Fishermen wooden houses, castles, churches, towers – looks like you see it has not changed much since the past. And I really enjoyed it this way. Thanks. Good tour!
Katharina D.
Bergen Tour I took to see Norway style and how the people live in this country. 3 hours is ideal time to get an overview of everything and then come back where you want on your own. The country is magically beautiful and the guide was very helpful. She told us a lot about the city. She loved it and her passion got onto us. Now I want to see more! Superb!
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