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Hakan F.
Moscow is very energetic. We knew it from the moment we arrived. But not everyone is easy with English in the streets, so we booked 'First time tour' to get an idea where all the things are. It was an individual guided walk around the centre where we saw all the main highlights of the past times. I rather enjoyed this mixture of styles, Kremlin is teriffically impressive, the churches and nice wide streets around the Red Square added up to the picture. It is not like our Old Town which looks the same as 500 years ago. Moscow is also very clean and the metro is simply stunning. My wife took lots of pictures in there. I can recommend it to all who wants to get a closer look.
Bella B.
Monumental! This word I had in mind when travelling around Moscow. I am a literature teacher from and in the times of Soviet Unioun we learnt some basic Russian words. Later I read Tolstoy and I had dream to come to his country. I started my journey in Moscow and took small-group tour round the centre. I was mystified, surprised and stupefied by Moscow real glitter. Thanks to our guide, Marina, I discovered the deep connection between history, literature, nature and religion which for centuries were defining the manifestation of Russian mentality. I think I could take another individual tour around Moscow, but this one was really good. I am giving it 5, but it would be a nice idea to include an extra hour for lunch at some nice place near Tverskaya Street or some place else.
Michella V.
Must visit for all who are interested in art, there are Russians artists only and this is what differs this gallery from other museums. Our guide Tatiana was really educated, professional and nice, told us a lot of stories and legends. Definitely recommend!
Thomas F.
Peterhof is a real masterpiece. We could see it in all its glory during the sunny summer day. The beautiful palace and marvelous park with fountains and statues. However, there were lots of visitors around. But anyway, the place is totally worth visiting.
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