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Peter G.
I have to say i was really impressed, even though it wasn't my first visit to Barcelona. I still remember that charismatic guide who cheered us all up a bit, it was a great experience we will all never forget. Definitely recommended.
Richy V.
My friend and I went to Barcelona without any plan and spent a week there on our own. We then booked the only tour to Costa Brava. That was a great escape from city life with all its creativity and buzz to rural Spain and nature. Amazingly knowledgeable guide made our day with stories from the past. We had a bit of hiking as well, which I prefer, because I am a photographer, and I managed to take a few nice pictures. All the villages were very humble and keep the spirit of the old times. I like it as well. At the end they took us to Greek and Roman ruins.Again, in the soft light I made some very impressive photos. We came to Barcelona at around 9 pm, but I wasn't tired. Though if you have small babies, may be you should go for a shorter tours. My friend also was quite positive. We both advise you to take this one.
Zsolti L.
I took my 15 year-old daughter to Costa Brava tour because it was impossible to talk her into few separate tours :-) so I decided we take 'all in one' option. We started from Barcelona and then came straight to all the villages to enjoy the seaside and the inland views. Great we had a guide and the lady gave us lots of useful information. After lunch time we visited Nautilus, kind of submarine, which my daughter liked the most. Later came a historic part of the day, to my pleasure. Thanks to the tour organizers, we all had a fantastic day!
Adrijana B.
Costa Brava tour we took with my husband because we wanted to see all the places at the coast in one day. The excursion was well-planned and we had a guide who explained everything in detail. Lunch, by the way, was not included, which I think is better, because we were given free time and could choose the food place on our own. As it was our second time in Spain, we already were familiar with scenery and traditions in Costa Dorada. We were very surprised but Costa Brava sights seemed really different to us. I really liked the medieval charm of Girona villages and honestly I did not expected our programme to be so extensive. We visited 4 or 5 places, had a boat ride and even went to Roman ruins. This tour is an amazing chance to see Catalonia at a glimpse and choose places you want to return to later.
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