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Ravi P.
That was fun! Riding a bike is a great way to see Bangkok. Bangkok is different in the morning…peaceful. Not much traffic and people just waking up. It got even more interesting when we came closer to nature. Just 10 minutes ago we were in the city, and suddenly it was like waking up in a forest. The tour also included a boat ride, so we got a break from biking.
Alina S.
We had a blast! Ah-mazing city, fun ride and Jen is the best guide ever!
Tim K.
I’m not a morning person but the tour was totally worth it! Watching the city wake up, riding a bike around almost empty streets and exploring local communities. We got a great chance to glimpse into everyday lives of Bangkokians and see how different the city can be. Once we’d crossed the river, it was hard to believe we were still in Bangkok. It was like visiting two different cities in one day. The nature was just amazing and if it were up to me, I would’ve spent the whole day exploring “Bangkok's Green Lung”. So when we were sailing back it felt like I was returning from an overseas expedition of some sort. Our guide Pam was very friendly and incredibly energetic. I’m used to cycling, so it wasn’t that hard,but you may want to be in a good shape, if you pick this tour.
Stella J.
A very atmospheric tour with a very dynamic group of people:) I was fortunate to have Don as a guide, and he’s just hilarious. For me it was pretty intense though, but I should’ve known better - not a great fan of biking:)
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