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Paolo M.
Mt wife and I went on Mae Ping river tour and it was very exciting. It started in the morning and lasted for over 4 hours. First we explored an ancient temple, met Buddhist monks and distributed donations. Then we had fun on a cruise along the river, looking at nature and passing villages. The lunch was delicious too. Even if you’re not a fan of thai food, you should try it here - the quality is good. And also you get to talk to local farmers during the lunch :) Then we explored some gardens and markets - the part my wife loved. And we took lots of pretty and colorful photos there. It was especially great that the tour came to an end there and we had a lot of time on our hands. So we could take our time and enjoy ourselves. We also were very energized and not a bit tired :) Kudos for the organization!
Martina K.
I wish I could relive those moments over and over! It was the most spiritual experiences in my life! We started off crazy early to make it to the temple on time: right before the rituals begin. There were only 5 of us in the group, so it felt very private. The monks were incredibly friendly and answered all our questions, no matter how stupid :) Such conversations make you rethink your life and cherish what you have. When it was over, we went on a river cruise. Our amazing guide Hathai told us a lot about local traditions. It was actually great to see the authentic Thailand…and it doesn’t get any more authentic than a lunch at a local farmer’s house :) So it was an eat-pray-love kind of thing:) The food was so good, I just could’t stop stuffing my face with those noodles. I loved them so much, that got the recipe from Hathai and tried to cook them at home:) I tried to engage the farmer in conversation, but had a hard time understanding his English. Hathai had to translate most of it:) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Monika N.
Unforgettable experience! Thanks to our guide Hathai for being so knowledgable and telling so much about Buddhist culture! The best part was talking to monks - it was like talking to someone from a completely different world :) The tour also includes a boat ride and visiting local markets! Hathai was so friendly and gave use valuable recommendations on what to buy and where. Thank again!
Nice excursion. Friendly and informative guide. Lot’s of opportunities for learning! Wish i didn’t have to get up that early :)
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