Откройте для себя Великобританию: экскурсии, мероприятия и события расскажут все о стране

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Никита К.
all life was considered by London as one of the most boring and ancient cities in the world, but after this trip has understood that I was deeply mistaken, this city isn't similar to New York, but he is beautiful the massive simplicity!
Bjorn B.
That was so much fun! I felt as if I got into the historic movie. Great folks in the group! Lovely places! I have never seen Stonehenge before and no idea of Bath and Salisbury. In fact I loved it all and the price is really good for the whole day tour. Thanks! Will definitely come again.
Reine K.
We had a bit of rain and the Loch Ness was foggy. The crew explained that we saw the lake the same as locals usually do. I am happy to catch such a view. It was a very memorable journey for me. I saw all the castles and breathtaking panoramas which is so unique. I appreciate its beauty. Also I want to say thank you to the captain of the boat. His stories made me feel in touch with this ancient land. I like in general that we were given a lot of time to discover the nature of Scotland, to walk and to absorb. The whole tour was very well-prepared, and all the commentaries were informative. I will always remember it with pleasure. :) R.
Theo L.
I am a native English living in Indonesia. Last time I travelled home with my Singaporean wife, so I booked this tour for us. I knew she needed a good guide to learn more about the important historical places, and with this tour we really hit it. It was definitely better than I could do after 20 years living in Asia :) My wife was excited to see the megalithic ancient temple, to take a breath of fresh air in Bath. I somehow looked from a new angle at my own country again and I didn't have to be the guide this time, and it's pretty enjoyable to be a tourist as well ;) Thank you for this chance, guys!
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